Custom Designer and Manufacturer of Lamps, Zigong Lantern Group Received The Best New Product Awards, Exhibitions Displays and Sets

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, November 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Every year, the IAAPA, The Global Association for the Attraction Industry, better known as ‘International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions’ recognizes the top attraction industry leaders worldwide. This year’s IAAPA Expo was held in Orlando Florida from November 14-18, attended by over a thousand exhibitors and thousands of attendees inside the attraction park industry worldwide; such as Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Disneyland Paris, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and many more world class attractions.

Zigong Lantern Group received the IAAPA Brass Ring Award as 1st place in the Best New Product Exhibitor Awards; Shows/Production, Theatrical Equipment & Supplies, Displays & Sets; making Zigong Lantern Group the Heavyweight Champion of the World inside the major attractions industry. Zigong Lantern Group showcases their extraordinary illuminating lanterns with their theme: Ancient Egyptian Illumination & Sphinx Tunnel of Hieroglyphics of Light. The arts captivated every audience in the said Expo. These lamps are custom designed, and handcrafted by hundreds of people, which include 9 different skill sets, ranging from graphic design, sketch artists, welders, electricians, seamstress (silk cloth is being used for the exterior), fine detailed artists, and much more. The tunnel is not just any ordinary tunnel; it was an infusion of fine detail, with hieroglyphics, and incredible size, reaching 26 ft high, and 70 ft wide. This is just one of many fascinating, custom designed scenes from Zigong Lantern Group during 2022.

Chief of the Board & CEO of Zigong Lantern Group, Justin Corsa, says, ”When developing designs and major lighting installations inside attraction parks and zoo locations worldwide, we definitely go above and beyond; although, when creating something award-winning and best inside the industry, it requires even more than that. We have to step outside reality and penetrate dimensions that are not easily accessible. We break those walls on all occasions, and this is what separates Zigong Lantern Group from the rest. We are proud of our accomplishments and thrilled to be recognized by IAAPA as the best in the industry. This is only the beginning.”

About Zigong Lantern Group: Zigong Lantern Group is the birth of the industry’s first and only American-owned lantern arts organization. The company gives value to its skilled workers inside and outside Zigong. The company’s goal is to ensure a good relationship with its clients and partners by being ethical and providing quality products at all times. They are known as the highest quality lantern arts organization worldwide, operating with highest levels of quality, ethics, and standards in the industry. For more information, please visit https://zigonglanterngroup.com