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Chinese lantern festival
Chinese Lantern Festival


China Lantern International LLC, DBA Zigong Lantern Group, was formed in the United States of America, as a partnership operation with Zigong Lantern Culture Industry Group Co. LTD, Headquartered in Zigong, China; to bring forth, the Chinese Lantern Festival overseas.  Zigong Lantern Group is the #1, and largest Chinese Lantern Festival group in the entire world.   Zigong Lantern Group are the original pioneers who brought this cultural exhibition into the overseas market.  

This magnificent display of lantern exhibits, are handmade in Zigong, China and then displayed all over the world.  China Lantern International is operating in the USA with a serious mission to offer this exciting cultural exhibition outside of China.  If you are interested in learning about how we can introduce this amazing exhibit inside your location, please contact us via phone or email, and we will be more than happy to communicate with you.  If you are excited about Chinese culture and would like this festival introduced to your city, you are more than welcome to contact us, and help us coordinate.  We would love to hear from you! 

Zigong Lantern Group has over 20 years Chinese Lantern Festival experience (in China), 13 years overseas experience, and 7 years USA experience.  Zigong Lantern Group have grown to become the world's largest and most powerful lantern group, and we will continue to work hard for further growth and exposure.  

Short term goals include an aggressive installation of Chinese Lantern Festival throughout the USA, South America, and Europe.  Zigong Lantern Group is determined, motivated, enthusiastic, and confident with our focus on the overseas marketplace.  


This educational and exciting show will add culture and entertainment to your venue.

Chinese acrobats are a traditional performing art form, and play a large role in Chinese lantern festivals. Our acrobatic troupe will wow visitors with unique performances and outstanding talent. Chinese acrobatics has a deep cultural significance and is defined by flexibility and balance, group coordination, traditional Chinese music, and folk stories.

Our team of artisans originate from the Chinese city of Zigong, the city known internationally for their expertise in lantern festivals.

Magnificent lantern displays are built on-site by our artisans, using a variety of materials including silk and chinaware. All of our lanterns are then illuminated by environmentally-friendly and cost-effective LED lights. The famous pagoda is made of thousands of ceramic plates, spoons, saucers and cups knotted together by hand – always a visitor favorite.

Cultural Chinese lantern festivals began during the Han Dynasty of the Chinese Empire, when people believed that fire could ward off evil and bring blessings. The art of the lantern festival has evolved over centuries and is now a combination of traditional and modern materials with the ancient craft.


*2019, APEC Summit in Santiago, Chile:  only lantern group invited to showcase our lanterns, as part of our President Jinping Xi's plan; representing the entire LED lights industry. 

*2017 G20 Summit: only lantern group to be invited to showcase Chinese Lanterns @ G20 Summit, Hamburg, Germany, representing the entire LED Lights industry.  

*Three Episode Series on BBC Television Network, featuring Chinese Lantern Festivals, exclusively on Zigong Lantern Group.

*The Gold Award by the 5th Expo of Chinese Festival Tourist Products

*Asia Achievement Award by Committee of Korea Festival Contents Awards: 2016


*Eight Event Industry Awards at our Dublin Ireland Event alone, including BEST EVENT: Wild Lights @ Dublin Zoo 2018

(a) Best Event 2018

(b) Irish Festival Industry highest standard, Festival Industry Award

(c) Subdivision Award: Best on-site activities Award

(d) Irish Public Relations Industry, 25th Public Relations Excellence Award

(e) Public Relations Industry Highest Award, Best Public Relations Award

(f) Irish Media Industry, 8th Annual Media Award

(g) Best Cross Media Cooperation Gold Award, under 250,000 Euros

(h) Bronze Award:  Best Media Creativity Award

*Brass Ring Winner: IAAPA @ Gilroy Gardens: San Francisco CA 2016

Chinese Lantern Festival




Zigong Langtern Group lights up Hamburg, Germany at G20 Summit.  We were the only lantern group to be invited to showcase our lanterns during the G20 Summit.  Many top leaders from the governments of China and Germany attended the opening ceremony, including 30 different media outlets.  This is another demonstration of the artistic ability and worldwide recognition of Zigong Lantern Group, the most reputable Chinese Lantern Festival group company, in the world. 

Chinese Lantern Festival
Chinese Lantern Festival

DALLAS EXPO:  2012, 2013, & 2014


Three consecutive years in Dallas, attracting over 350,000 people in 2012 alone!   

''Organizers estimate that 150,000 people saw the Lantern Festival during its three-week State Fair run. On Saturday night, a long line of fairgoers snaked around the lagoon waiting to get into the festival. 

One woman said the lanterns’ beauty nearly made her cry. Some came from New Orleans just to see the lanterns.'' -Dallas News

Chinese Lantern Festival Dallas
Chinese Lantern Festival Dallas
Chinese Lantern Festival Dallas



''The sculptures are part of Lumination, a four-month show debuting at Gilroy Gardens. On evenings, Lumination will transform the theme park into a celebration of Chinese traditions and art — complete with acrobatic and fine arts displays by performers and craftsmen who came specially from China for the show — in a modernized rendition of ancient practices.''  Gilroy Gardens

Brass Ring Winner: IAAPA @ Gilroy Gardens: San Francisco CA

Chinese Lantern Festival Gilroy Gardens
Chinese Lantern Festival Gilroy Gardens
Chinese Lantern Festival Gilroy Gardens
Chinese Lantern Festival Gilroy Gardens




  ''The Giant Lanterns of China has now finished, a huge thank you to all the staff, volunteers and 80,000 visitors who helped make this for this event so special. Please view our events calendar for news of other upcoming events at Edinburgh Zoo... 

In the winter of 2017, RZSS Edinburgh Zoo was home to The Giant Lanterns of China, an installation of over 450 dazzling giant lanterns that illuminated the Zoo for 50 awe-inspiring nights. 

Visitors were wowed by Chinese performers, enjoyed wintery hot food and drinks, and shopped in our marketplace featuring hand-made crafts from Chinese artisans.''  Edinburgh Zoo  

Chinese Lantern Festival Edinburg Zoo
Chinese Lantern Festival Edinburg Zoo
Chinese Lantern Festival Edinburg Zoo



  Multiple and consecutive years of success at the Royal House in Longleat, exhibiting different chinese lantern festival themes each year.  This cooperation between Zigong Lantern Group & Longleat has been consistent for years.  Attracting over 200,000 people each year, every year is growing and becoming more successful than the next.

''A grand country estate has been transformed into a fairy tale wonderland with thousands of lanterns made by Chinese craftsmen'' Daily Mail UK. 

We are now working toward 8 consecutive years of success, with our recent 3 year contract extension.    

Longleat Chinese Lantern Festival Zigong Lantern Group



In 2015, Lowry Park Zoo welcomed the Chinese Lantern Festival, via Zigong Lantern Group.  It was beyond their expectation, ''Zoominations, the Chinese Lantern Festival of Lights, was supposed to flicker out at the end of May but the zoo announced Wednesday that due to popular demand it has been extended through June 28 with a new schedule.'' - Tampa Bay Times.  We strongly encourage 3 month duration.  This is not your typical light show.  

“Zoominations” attracted more than 180,000 additional visitors and reported record-high guest satisfaction levels. The customized event layout capitalizes on the park’s natural setting with the use of water lanterns. 

The lanterns covered more than 26 acres, constructing a journey through the ancient Chinese art of lantern sculpture with pandas, zebras and mythical creatures. In addition to the festival grounds, visitors also enjoyed a Chinese Artisan craft market and purchased authentic souvenirs. 

“Stunning spectacle, worthy of artistic appreciation.” – The Tampa Bay Times

Chinese Lantern Festival Tampa Lowry Park
Chinese Lantern Festival Tampa Lowry Park
Chinese Lantern Festival Tampa Lowry Park
Chinese Lantern Festival Tampa Lowry Park



Very successful event in Dublin Ireland, featuring Chinese Lantern Festival duo between Dublin Zoo and Zigong Lantern Group.  Multiple years of success, selling out of tickets, and gaining attendance in excess of 200,000 people or more each year. 

Dublin Zoo Wild Lights received 8 national event awards including BEST EVENT 2018. 

Chinese Lantern Festival Dublin Zoo
Chinese Lantern Festival Dublin Zoo
Chinese Lantern Festival Dublin Zoo
Chinese Lantern Festival Dublin Zoo



Truly remarkable!  A small town in France called 'Gaillac', with population around 14,000 people, partners with Zigong Lantern Group, to introduce the small town of France, Chinese Lantern Festival.  The event on 2nd year of cooperation attracts more than 375,000 people to the small town of Gaillac France.  

''In Gaillac, a town of 18,000, Gausserand had to find private sponsors to cover the costs, and he wasn’t even sure if people would come. But 250,000 people attended last year’s inaugural edition – an “enormous surprise” to town authorities which brought a windfall of €1 million (US$1.15 million).'' South China Morning Post

Chinese Lantern Festival Gaillac France
Chinese Lantern Festival Gaillac France
Chinese Lantern Festival Gaillac France
Chinese Lantern Festival Gaillac France


Zigong, China

Dechun Huang

Chairman of the Board

Chinese Lantern Festival

Xiaohua Chen

CEO, Vice Chairman

Chinese Lantern Festival

Zhongwen Li

General Manager, International Business

Chinese Lantern Festival


North America

Justin Corsa

Chief Executive Officer 

North American & European Markets

Justin Corsa Zigong Lantern Group

Meng Liu

Chief Executive Officer, China-Overseas

Meng Liu Zigong Lantern Group

Nan Yang

Board Assistant - International Business

Nan Yang Vice General Manager Zigong Lantern Group

Alvin Ballares

Director of Public Relations

Alvin Ballares Zigong Lantern Group

Allison Ai

Director of Cultural Affairs

Allison Ai Zigong Lantern Group

Cruz Zhang

Digital Marketing & Information Technology

Mike Garcia Zigong Lantern Group


Group Photo Zigong Lantern Group Chinese Lantern Festival with Nashville Zoo

Featuring Rick Schwartz - CEO Nashville Zoo:  Meng Liu - CEO China-Overseas Zigong Lantern Group:  Justin Corsa - CEO North American & European Markets

Chinese Lantern Festival

Meng Liu - Executive Director, China/Overseas, Zigong Lantern Group, with Dechun Huang - Chief Board of Director, Zigong Lantern Culture Industry Group Co. LTD.  

Chinese Lantern Festival

Left to Right:

QingLan, Meng Liu, Director Li, David Earles - Director Honolulu Zoo Society, Justin Corsa, Shi Chen

Chinese Lantern Festival

Left to Right:

Justin Corsa, David Earles, Director Li:  Photo taken at Zigong Lantern Culture Industry Group, Chinese Lantern Festival Zigong, China 2018 Spring Festival

Chinese Lantern Festival

Director Li, David Earles, Liu Cheng - CEO, Justin Corsa

2018 Spring Festival, Zigong China

Chinese Lantern Festival

Left to Right:

Gaoxian Liu - VP Dazu Rock Carvings Museum - World Cultural Relics

Meng Liu - Executive Director, China-Overseas - Zigong Lantern Group

Justin Corsa - Executive Director, North America - Zigong Lantern Group

Yinfang Li - Director Dazu Rock Carvings Museum - World Cultural Relics

Dazu Rock Carvings, Located in Chongqing China has been declared a World Culture Heritage Site.  Declared a National Key Cultural Relics Protected Unit in 1961, and considered Ancient China's most valuable treasure.  Approximately 50,000 carvings were begun in 892 AD and carved in the ensuing Five Dynasties and Northern and Southern Song. 

In preparation to facilitate the process of bringing part of this ancient treasure to the western world so they can get a glimpse at this extraordinary World Cultural Relics.

Chinese Lantern Festival
Chinese Lantern Festival
Chinese Lantern Festival


All Media Inquiries, Interviews, Articles, Videos, please contact us below.  Zigong Lantern Group is the leading lantern festival manufacturer in the world.  Our Chinese Lantern Festival group devotes itself to its heritage of Chinese excellent culture and sharing worldwide wonderful stories.  The business covers domestic and overseas Chinese lantern shows, traditional Chinese lantern design and fabrication landscape.

Pre Event Interview with Racine Zoo, Covering Milwaukee, Racine, and Chicago

Meet the People Behind the Chinese Lantern Festival:  Interactive Discussion, Highlights, Whats Next!

Sneak Peek and Opening Ceremony at Nashville Zoo's Zoolumination 2019/2020 Chinese Lantern Festival: Zigong Lantern Group

Upcoming USA Festivals 2019

Racine Zoo

Racine, Wisconsin

Add the event below to your calendar

Start: October 1, 2019

End:   December 31, 2019

Chicago Chinese Lantern Festival & Wisconsin Chinese Lantern Festival at Racine Zoo 2019

Wisconsin Chinese Lantern Festival is coming to Racine Zoo, for the very first time.  We are expecting a large audience from the entire state of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and Chicago.  We have over 29 lantern groups, with exhibits as tall as 40 feet high, and over 135 feet in length.  Get ready Wisconsin, and Get Ready Chicago! 

Racine Zoo Chinese Lantern Festival Zigong Lantern Group

Click the button below to purchase your tickets NOW.  Please do this in advance to guarantee entry.

Racine Zoo Chinese Lantern Festival, Wisconsin/Chicago

Jungle Island

Miami, Florida

Add the event below to your calendar

Start: October 5, 2019

End:   January 8, 2020

Miami Chinese Lantern Festival, the largest South Florida Chinese Lantern Festival in the history of Miami, Florida, called Luminosa held at Jungle Island, 2019.  

This is our 2nd appearance in the state of Florida.  This is our first appearance in Miami.  We are expecting over 250,000 people to attend this 3 month exhibition.  We are creating something very unique for Miami, Florida.  The Miami Chinese Lantern Festival is called Luminosa.  Luminosa is one of the most creative Chinese Lantern Festival we have yet to see!

Luminosa Chinese Lantern Festival Miami, Jungle Island

Click the button below to purchase your tickets NOW.  Please do this in advance to guarantee entry.

Jungle Island Luminosa Chinese Lantern Festival, Miami Florida

Nashville Zoo

Nashville, Tennessee

Add the event below to your calendar

Start: November 15, 2019

End:   February 2, 2020

Nashville Chinese Lantern Festival, in the state of Tennessee at Nashville Zoo, called ZooLumination.  This powerful Zoolumination is the LARGEST Chinese Lantern Festival Exhibition in the USA.  

Nashville Chinese Lantern Festival is going to be massive.  We have partnered with one of the most incredible zoo locations in the USA.   We are going all out, featuring new designs, and rolling out with the largest Chinese Lantern Exhibits in the country, at Nashville Zoo.  Get ready for something absolutely OVER THE TOP.  

Zoolumination Chinese Lantern Festival Zigong Lantern Group

Click the button below to purchase your tickets NOW.  Please do this in advance to guarantee entry.

Nashville Zoo Chinese Lantern Festival Zoolumination, Nashville Tennessee

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

Charleston, South Carolina

Add the event below to your calendar

Start: November 15, 2019

End:   March 15, 2020

Charleston Chinese Lantern Festival in South Carolina at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens.  Lights of Magnolia is purely an amazing design for the people of South Carolina.  This South Carolina Chinese Lantern Festival in Charleston is absoluely exciting!  Our partner, Magnolia Plantation & Gardens is the only botanical garden in the USA that we have partnered with for 2019.  An incredibly unique opportunity to design and install Chinese Lantern Festival at one of America's most historic gardens!     

Lights of Magnolia Chinese Lantern Festival Zigong Lantern Group

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Magnolia Plantation & Gardens Chinese Lantern Festival, Charleston, SC

New Partner Festivals 2020

Southwick's Zoo

Mendon, Massachusetts


Add the event below to your calendar

Start: September 2020 TBD

End:   December 2020 TBD

New England Chinese Lantern Festival.  

We are absolutely excited to be the very first Chinese Lantern Festival in New England, and thrilled to develop a strong partnership with Southwick's Zoo.  We are getting ready to light up Boston, Providence, and Hartford, all at once!  

We are going to bring New England the most spectacular Zoo Lights anyone has ever seen!  Get ready for more information soon! 

Southwick's Zoo Chinese Lantern Festival New England Zigong Lantern Group

Click the button below to purchase your tickets NOW.  Please do this in advance to guarantee entry.

Southwick's Zoo, New England Chinese Lantern Festival



If you have any questions about the Chinese Lantern Festival, or interested in sponsorship, interviews, media stories; or interested in bringing this extraordinary work of art into your location, we would like to hear from you.  Please fill out the form below, and we will reply back within 24 hours.